About the 2018 Saint Louis Climate Summit

Working to fulfill Pope Francis’ call to unite in defense of our common home

In May of 2014, Pope Francis called leading experts in climate science and environmental stewardship to the Vatican, initiating a global conversation about the plight of the planet. From that convocation came Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si’, in 2015. Nearly every country on the planet signed the Paris Agreement later that year.

Saint Louis University is proudly hosting The Saint Louis Climate Summit as part of its bicentennial anniversary celebration and to honor Pope Francis’ call to unite leaders in defense of the health of the planet.

As one of the most respected Jesuit educational institutions in the world, celebrating its 200-year anniversary in 2018 under the Catholic Church’s first-ever Jesuit Pope, there is perhaps no other institution as appropriate to convene a summit aimed at tackling the challenges outlined in Francis’ Encyclical three years ago.

Distinguished scientists, activists, and academics, all leaders in their fields, will help write the next chapter in the history of momentous and impactful climate gatherings.